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Hey! I am Özlem, and I help people like you to get rid of the rubbish in their heads, overcome limiting beliefs, and create empowering beliefs - so they can live the life they want and show up with bravery and honesty.

I am an open-minded, high-performing, and multilingual Amsterdam-based entrepreneur, teacher (16+ years of teaching experience), podcaster (51+ episodes - listen to the episode with Seth Godin), and writer who is passionate about personal growth and cultural diversity. Due to my bi-cultural identity (born and raised by Turkish parents in the Netherlands), living and working in different countries (Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, and having traveled across continents, I've gained an enormous experience in connecting to a variety of people.


I am privileged and grateful at the same time to have helped more than 1000+ people from 50+ countries and cultures through my teaching and coaching to get more confident about who they are, trust themselves and tremendously grow. I started doing this at the age of 21, while I was actually very insecure about myself and my skills.


I didn’t learn to create a growth mindset and help others while being a student and gaining my Bachelor's degree in Education, and my Master's degree in Educational Sciences. Funny enough, I suffered for a long time from self-limiting beliefs until I was fed up with myself. I started deliberately learning and practicing to restructure my belief system and change my life into a more positive, more abundant, more real, and more fun one by changing my beliefs. 


Defined by some as determined, resilient, high-performing, weird, and crazy (yes!) go-getter, I help others to change their life by changing their beliefs. I bring my passion for self-awareness, human connection, authenticity, change, and personal growth while I get sh*t done.

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