Özlem is a high performing culturally diverse woman, based in Amsterdam. Born and raised in the Netherlands, she also has lived in Istanbul, Turkey and Aarhus, Denmark; and traveled across continents. Due to her multicultural identity she constantly moved between East and West, psychically but also in her heart and mind. 


She holds a Bachelor degree in Education, Master degree in Educational Sciences, and gained certificates in marketing, entrepreneurial sales, and coaching from institutions in the Netherlands and abroad. She is grateful for all the ‘official’ education she has gained, for this has provided her with ways of thinking, allowed her to gain knowledge, and developed her intellect. 


Yet, wisdom is what she gained during all her travels, work, living abroad, spending time alone, and interacting with various people from different layers of society. Her journey in self development made her slowly get aware of who she is. After shedding some light on her true self, she started embracing her light and darkness at the same time. Getting to know herself and her lifelong passion of connecting to other human beings contributed to her constantly expanding emotional intelligence. 


She is very human and at the same time very commercial and sales-driven. She did business development in Europe for a technology Startup, had an international sales role at a multinational Danish fashion company, and taught at international schools abroad. She honors her feminine and masculine energy to learn, create, evolve and contribute to the world. 


She isn’t fearless! She also has fears, yet she moves forward comfortably uncomfortable!

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