• Özlem Özkan


Before you took an action, how many times did you ask yourself “Is this normal?”?

When you made a mistake, how many times did you ask yourself “Am I normal?”?

When you didn’t understand someone, how many times did you say to yourself “He is not normal”?

When you didn’t understand a situation, how many times did you say “This is not normal”?

Let’s start with defining “normal”.

Normal means the usual, expected, or standard state.

When something doesn’t seem usual, expected, or standard it becomes easily not-normal. And maybe and most probably only we create the “not-normal”.

Yet, how about this?

Take the action with full trust.

Own your mistake and move on.

When you don’t understand someone, ask questions.

When you don’t understand something, ask questions.

By practice, you will notice that things you didn’t know are slowly becoming your new normal, which creates space and insights to explore and create more experiences.

Yes, you are normal!

  • Özlem Özkan


Lead your life with your heart.

Don’t forget that you are human with all your imperfections.

Spread yourself around the universe in a way that is authentically you and never stop being yourself.

Wherever you can find yourself, follow it: at your spiritual place, at home, in your classroom, at work, with your friends.

Lean on that strength of your inner self.

(From The Student: Reflections of the Heart and Mind)

  • Özlem Özkan



I walked into the forest.

Normally, I label things during my walk.

This is a huge tree, a beautiful bird, a blue sky, and so on.

This time it was different.

I didn’t label anything.

I observed.

Yes, only observed.

Because I knew the labels I attach to my experience couldn’t really define my actual experience.