• Özlem Özkan


Sometimes our power is hidden deep under the layer of many layers.

To feel your power is neither easy nor difficult.

But we can all start with looking at what is under one layer, and then go to the next.

Peel them off, one by one.

Release them all, while feeling slowly yet strongly your power.

  • Özlem Özkan


The first reflex, looking at your phone?

Thinking to read the last email, which will follow by sending one?

Do we sit, like the days before we had smartphones and had a ‘busy’ life?

I mean, sit on your couch or at your dining table.

Trying to wake up, yawning a few times, stretching your arms.

Feeling asleep but at the same time awake.

Staring from the window.

Following your thoughts.

Slowly sipping your coffee or tea.

Reading a few pages from the newspaper, I mean not the digital one.

Listening to the sound of water dripping inside of your radiator.

And slowly your eyes get wider.

You are awake and you experience the deep presence of life.

  • Özlem Özkan


Before you took an action, how many times did you ask yourself “Is this normal?”?

When you made a mistake, how many times did you ask yourself “Am I normal?”?

When you didn’t understand someone, how many times did you say to yourself “He is not normal”?

When you didn’t understand a situation, how many times did you say “This is not normal”?

Let’s start with defining “normal”.

Normal means the usual, expected, or standard state.

When something doesn’t seem usual, expected, or standard it becomes easily not-normal. And maybe and most probably only we create the “not-normal”.

Yet, how about this?

Take the action with full trust.

Own your mistake and move on.

When you don’t understand someone, ask questions.

When you don’t understand something, ask questions.

By practice, you will notice that things you didn’t know are slowly becoming your new normal, which creates space and insights to explore and create more experiences.

Yes, you are normal!