• Özlem Özkan


When did we say the last time to ourselves, “I love you”.

Okay, I mean not only say but really mean it.

Did we really embrace ourselves?

For only one moment, forget what we are not.

Not good enough.

Not smart enough.

Not beautiful enough.

Not wealthy enough.

Time is now.

I love you, all you are!

  • Özlem Özkan


The longer Coronavirus and its lockdowns exist in our lives, the more I hear, “I hope to go back to normal soon”.

This won’t happen.

Even and hopefully when we have control over the Coronavirus we won’t go back to our lives before the Coronavirus Pandemic was a fact.

Things have changed and will keep changing.

So what can you do?

You can start seeing opportunities in the way we live now. Opportunities which were not there before the Coronavirus.

Think about the amount of walks you did.

Or the family members and friends you started calling instead of sending a text.

Maybe this time, you started turning your attention inwards.

  • Özlem Özkan



stop resisting,

give yourself over.

Our society might teach us that surrendering is a weakness.

It isn’t really.

It is actually a power.

Nothing will exist forever.

The more you resist anything, it will persist.

Because you didn’t fully experience it.

The moment you stop resisting, surrender and fully experience it, you reach freedom.

Freedom of starting something new.