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make lasting change happen in five weeks 


Reach your goals as they did. 

about ozlem

When I first met Özlem my initial impression, and what stood out the most, was her "go get" attitude and the way she was reaching her goals one by one. Also, her confidence, and ability to coach, teach, influence, and level others up are impressive. Özlem is just beautiful; a beautiful human being with a loving heart, who listens without judgment and with a genuine intention of wanting to learn and help. With her open heart and mind, she is able to coach anyone who would like to reach her goals.

Filipe Ribeiro

Personal Fitness Trainer - Fitness DK


Thank you Özlem for seeing my strengths when I was blind to them. She is the real example of the statement of “showing vulnerability is a real power!”. Özlem has given me valuable perspective in many cases, empower me to believe in my own power, and challenge me to achieve my potential. 


Kübra Öksüz

Senior Strategic Merchandise Planning Manager - Zalando SE


I have had the pleasure of working with Özlem for the past six months. Özlem and I work remotely, she from Amsterdam and I - from Denmark. She is open-minded, humble, and passionate about personal growth. I haven’t had a talk where I haven’t learned something new from her. By having a curious mindset, Özlem is able to truly listen and make you think of a given situation without being judgmental or imposing. That’s nice! I always feel at ease and relaxed having our online meetings. Özlem inhibits a high performer mindset therefore she is always prepared and does her thorough research to be maximumly prepared. I highly recommend Özlem as a coach, also simply because she is a nice, warm, beautiful human being, trying to help whomever she can to reach her/his goals.


Gulshanoy Tolipova-Gourdin

Global Ecommerce & Marketing Director - Besteller A/S


I was at a point in my career where I wanted to pivot things and felt uncertain of what to do. Following the coaching session with Özlem, I have so much clarity and conviction of what I want to do next, whereas before I just felt very self judgemental and uncertain. While I felt stuck in changing certain things in my life, after the coaching the profound change for me was opening up my mind to new possibilities and being confident. Anyone who is willing to show up, willing to do work can push the boundaries in their own mind of how they view and perceive themselves. The coaching with Özlem was such an incredible experience. Although I had used a lot of personal growth tools in the past, doing it with Özlem was definitely the most helpful and the most growth in the amount of time we have coached for. Definitely different than experiencing it through a book or a passive tool. 



Research Manager -EPoD


Özlem’s coaching has had a tremendous effect on me, this was visible in my life after few coaching sessions. I used to feel overwhelmed and stressed by studying. I’ve gained insights about myself and learned tools that have helped me to be in control of my life. I’ve gained my self-confidence back and my life is much more balanced. I highly appreciate Özlem’s care and committed support.


B. E.

Student - Medicine


When I first met Özlem I was a very shy person and was very hesitant to try out new things. I was living in my own bubble and knew that I wanted to get out, but didn’t know how. Özlem coached me on tools where I was able to get really confident and learn to recognize my other’s strengths as well. When I was struggling with focus Özlem coached me on how to get focused, believe in my creativity, and create interesting work. Her being able to see things from different viewpoints empowered me in my personal growth and taught me many lessons which I still use in my life now. I am very thankful! 

Naz Ayan

Student - Central Saint Martins London

United Kingdom

I will make you aware of your own behavior.

I will teach you the method of how to change yourself. 

You will reach that goal.  

IMG_0841 trans.png


You experience something you don't want and don't feel equipped to change this. 

If you recognize one of statements below, it's time to contact me. 

  • I am afraid to quit my job and start my own business.

  • I stress so much that my mind is spinning during the night.

  • I am financially independent but don't experience fulfillment.

  • I am often afraid to say no. 

  • I can't control my obsessive social media behavior.

  • I am often not confident, to tell the truth.

  • I lost count of how many times I tried to lose weight.

  • I have dated numerous people, but I can't find the right one. 

  • I am afraid to make mistakes in my journey.

  • I constantly try to fit in, and have difficulties accepting myself. 

The change is in your hands. Let's make it happen.

Together we identify and prioritize improvement areas, break down your end goal into smaller goals, and work on shaping and growing your mindset. During our coaching sessions, you will understand yourself better, train your mind, and get not only equipped with tools to handle future challenges and situations but also learn how to create the reality you want. 


You will change from the inside out and that's why you'll have to go inwards first. 


I am going to coach you on some methods of how to let go of emotions that are limiting you from reaching your goals.


I am going to coach you on how to step beyond your limitations, become more unlimited, reach your goals and transform.


You and I work together to make you reach your goals. 


and make change happen



I am passionate about making you to reach your goals. 


I am extremely passionate about supporting others through to reach their goals.

​I have reached several goals, that I didn't know I could reach. I lived in three different countries, I changed careers, I broke through the limitations of cultural and religious indoctrinations, I wrote a book, I started a Podcast, and many other things. I have also hit rock bottom many times and know what it feels like to be there. I have worked with several coaches and educated myself on a variety of tools. In my rock bottom, I have used those tools which made me rise beyond.  I still work weekly with coaches to work on my own personal growth journey.



For the past 7 years, I meditate daily, journal daily, practice self-examination, watch my thoughts, and train and direct my mind. Those practices gave birth to my book “The Student” and the “Bridging Podcast”. 

I am highly committed to all people I've decided to work with and I am also committed to delivering high performance. I believe in a common ground where you and I are both committed and go through the process together. There is no right or wrong, nor are there mistakes. There are only learnings and going through the process. I am committed to only deliver high performance. 



Due to my multicultural background and having lived in three countries I have trained myself to connect to people from all layers of society. I have taught at a variety of international and national schools and coached 1000+ people. 

Besides having a Bachelor's and Masters in Education, for the past seven years, I have done self-awareness and self-empowerment training, such as The Avatar Course, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s intensive and progressive workshop. I have also completed Seth Godin’s Akimbo Podcast Workshop where I have become an All-Star coach of new students. Further, I have been chosen between 1200+ applicants to become an International Business Trainee at the Danish Multinational Company Bestseller A/S where I was coached by the academy of the Danish Multinational Company Bestseller A/S.


I believe in alchemy, turning lead into gold. I’ve turned impossibilities in my life into possibilities and believed in e.g. I broke through several cultural indoctrinations, survived eating disorders, wrote a book in a non-native language, lived in three different countries, traveled across four continents, and started my own business.


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