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Workshops about Transforming Your Life & 
Manifesting your Desired Life

(Isn't it time?)

- I practice 100% what I teach -

Known as someone that attracts tons of possibilities and experiences I've put all my practical learnings in the past decade into a cohort-based course and
a workshop. I teach you everything that I have learned through theory and most importantly own practice on how to reach your goals by changing your mind. 


Self-Paced 7-days
#Transformation Workshop

simple techniques to reach your goals in 1-2 hours per day

Transform Your Life by Changing Your Beliefs

In 2 weeks, together with others in a cohort, you’ll get clarity, confidence, tools, and techniques that helped me and now will help you to let go of your limiting beliefs and start creating beliefs that empower you and help you to draw 1M+ possibilities to you for the rest of your life.

I was a bit skeptical if you can change your beliefs in such a short time frame of the course but I gave it a try. Özlem does the magic. People wait until the last day until they buy or they change their mind. I was the queen of self-sabotage, and this course and Özlem’s support offered all the tools and techniques to change my point of view

Jasna Klemenc Puntar

E-networking Expert (Slovenia)

Before working with Özlem I had huge resistance around self-promotion that often stopped me from putting my work out there. Afraid that others might think I don't honor the "Jante Law", I primarily helped people 1:1. Now I'm more confident making myself visible in a way that helps more people in better ways.

Ric Lindberg

Design Lead - BMW (Sweden)

Özlem is an inspiring powerful woman that pushes her goals and boundaries. Özlem shows me ways to be more daring and she helps me to push my personal boundaries -stretch.

Aynur Abbott

Founder - Aynur Abbott Fine Jewelry (Netherlands)

It’s been pretty wild for me to see the change in myself. I went into this workshop without any expectations and seeing changes in few weeks is pretty wild. I am grateful to have done a workshop with others. It really enriched things for me and helped to get multiple perspectives in the feedback received and given. The workshop is been one of the highlights of this year. 


Research Manager - EPoD (Canada)

Özlem taught me to be highly aware of myself and others, and how to get a “yes” when I interact with people privately and professionally without making them feel forced to say “yes”. Her teachings have been invaluable to me as I’ve become a more confident and well-oriented individual who embraced a fulfilling life with a nurturing daily routine.

Canan Soysal

Project Manager - Microsoft (Netherlands)

This interactive course changed my perspective on life. I had self-limiting beliefs that were difficult to change. I deeply discovered my beliefs about myself. I also learned how to set concrete goals and create a daily routine. Now I can handle life in a more easy and more positive way. It is easier to take action for my goals without suffering.

Dr. Şükriye Kayhan Aktürk (PhD)

Speech Therapist - Sıtkı Koçman University (Turkey)

With Özlem's course, I have learned to take the responsibility for my own life and actions by working on every part of my thoughts step by step.

Kamola Abdul

University Student (Uzbekistan)

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