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Bridging Workshops is a new platform for cohort-based courses started by Özlem Özkan, a teacher, a mindset coach, author of The Student, and producer of the Bridging Podcast. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a coach, a marketing director, a freelancer, a mother, or a writer, we run workshops to empower you to lead and change everything.

June 7

The Transformation

and Growth Workshop

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How much time?:
June 7
June 30
4 weeks
Daily 30 minutes to 2 hours
You decide your own pace
€999 (+VAT)

Transformation and Growth Workshop 1

It’s time to invest in yourself and behalf of yourself and those who need you to lead. 


The Transformation and Growth Workshop 1 is a structured 4-week self-development program. During the workshop you will transform and grow in an area you care about.


Too often, our lives are shaped based on things that happen to us. Why let life happen to us, where we can choose to let life happen FOR us. 


Are you hoping to start your own business or switch careers? Do you want to move to another country? Do you have a desire to build an abundant life? Over the course of four weeks you can transform and grow around that. And no one can stop you.


I am pleased to invite you to consider a new workshop ‘The Transformation and Growth Workshop’, open to a hand-picked group of people this summer, starting June 7. A virtual program, available wherever there’s a laptop and an internet connection. I am a teacher (BA. and MSc. Education), mindset coach, writer, and a successful podcast producer (Bridging Podcast). I have worked at (international) schools, a multinational Danish fashion company, a tech startup and I am a published author. Due to my passion and love for personal growth I have done several mindset, self-awareness, self-empowerment and personal growth training and have read many books about self-development and spirituality. So I know what’s up and how to practice transformation and growth. People always ask me how do you transform and grow towards your goals. The answer is simply ‘I do the work’. 


The idea: This Transformation and Growth Workshop is a structured 4-week self-development program. During the workshop you will transform and grow in an area you care about.


Throughout the program, we’ll be teaching you useful techniques, challenging you to invent new ones, and most of all, connecting you with other students who are going where you’re going. This online workshop will take a commitment, yet will allow you to work at your own pace. If you put in the time, you’ll earn the body of work you’ll end up creating.

At the end of this workshop, you will become a person

1. ..that is using her/his own power to create, lead and make change happen

You get confident with who you are. You will confidently be yourself in challenging situations, difficult conversations, and emotional interactions. You will use your own power for the good.

2. ..that creates the reality she/he wants

You will confidently achieve your goals. 

3. ..that is confident showing emotional intelligence

You become a high-performing emotionally intelligent person. You'll be able to show first yourself, then decision makers that you're not just high IQ, but high EQ too.

3. ..who leads by example and becomes a mentor for others

You'll be able to help others see new possibilities, get unstuck, and move their work forward.

5. ..that is highly self-aware

You will get quickly self-aware of your own behavior and adjust the sails when needed. 


The program costs €999 (+VAT), because we want people to have skin in the game.

PS: Ask your company if they cover this workshop as professional development. 


[If you know a friend in need of a worthy transformational summer project, please share with them…]

Transformation and Growth Workshop provides you tools and resources you need to transform and grow in an area you care about. 


The workshop includes:

  • 18 daily lessons from Özlem

  • Online community

  • Live Q&A with Özlem

  • 24/7 discussion board for personal feedback

  • One-to-one coaching by Özlem

  • Peer network for discussion and team learning

  • Access up for two months after the workshop ends

  • Access on mobile and desktop

Workshop Curriculum

Some topics we will cover:

  • Learning about your belief system

  • Training on self-limiting and self-empowering beliefs

  • Training on routines and habits towards your goals

  • Learning to develop and execute an action plan towards your goals

  • Learning techniques that will bring you back to who you really are and trust yourself

  • Creating a long-term plan for your business and life.