Workshops to empower you to grow, lead and change everything.

Bridging Workshops is a platform for online cohort-based courses started by Özlem Özkan, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a mindset coach, author of The Student, and producer of the Bridging Podcast. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a coach, a marketing director, a freelancer, a mother, or a writer, we run workshops to empower you to lead and change everything.

Come here for learning and doing the work together with others.

The time might be NOW!

It’s been pretty wild for me to see the change in myself. I went into this workshop without any expectations and seeing changes in few weeks is pretty wild. I am grateful to have done a workshop with others. It really enriched things for me and helped to get multiple perspectives in the feedback received and given. The workshop is been one of the highlights of this year. 


Research Manager - EPoD (Canada)

The Transformation and Growth Workshop

I’ve learned a ton from the great peer work and the powerful questions. This workshop might be exactly what you need where you are right now if you are unsure where you want to go or you have a clear destination and you want to ensure you get there.  I do look forward to being able to lean into this work and help other people to lean to this work.

Ric Lindberg

Design Lead - BMW (Sweden)

The Transformation and Growth Workshop