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High-performing culturally diverse Özlem is available to speak at your next conference or event. She delivers high energy on growth mindset, personal development, and cultural diversity. She is also available to be hired as a host or create a high-level Podcast. 


Özlem is known for being in the room and getting the attention of her audience by storytelling. She has hosted 30+ guests on the Bridging Podcast and one of them was Seth Godin. Due to her teaching and multicultural background she is a very well-experienced public speaker and is an amazing storyteller. 


Besides hosting her Bridging Podcasts she is often asked to be a guest at other Podcasts;

- Portfolio Career Podcast (USA)

- The Arena (USA)

- Hang and Bang (CA)

- Real Things Living (USA)

- TIE Unearthed (Brazil)

coming soon

- Turning The Tables (UK)

coming soon

21st Century Visionary (USA)

coming soon

- The Unconventionals (Hong Kong)

coming soon

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