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Do you want to work with me or want me to speak at your next conference or (online) event?

I deliver high energy on speaking engagements about growth mindset, personal development, cultural diversity and all things about bravery and honesty. I am also available as a host or create a high-level Podcast. 

I am just really thrilled of Özlem’s leadership and thrilled that she has a Podcast.

Seth Godin

Bestselling author of 19 books, long-time entrepreneur, freelancer and teacher

I am known for being in the room and getting the attention of my audience through storytelling. I have hosted 51+ guests on the Bridging Podcast and one of them was Seth Godin. Due to my teaching (16+ years experience) and multicultural background, I am a very well-experienced public speaker with a love for storytelling. 
Besides hosting the Bridging Podcasts I am often asked to be a guest at other Podcasts.

Listen to the episodes here:
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