• Özlem Özkan


It made me insecure. I thought that I was going to vomit and even faint. My tummy was asking for help. My breath was stuck. My limbs were shaking. What if I was going to be rejected? Yes, what then? Would the whole world collapse? Perhaps, I had to first collapse all my thoughts that were keeping me from living the actual life I desired.


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I am <3. I am joyful. I am playful. I am abundant. I am a giver and receiver of love. -ÖÖ

I thought I was happy flickering like a lamp until I realized my spark of fire. -ÖÖ

I belong to the one without a name. I belong to that, that can't be seen. I belong to this, that can't be touched. No eyes, no ears, no taste, no touch, yet I know it is the most beautiful thing with