• Özlem Özkan



When were you the last time in flow?

When you created that piece of art?

When you hugged your loved one?

When you watched a child smiling?

When you couldn't stop laughing and had a tummy ache?

When working with full attention on that interesting project?

When you ran a half marathon?

When you touched the first snow of the year?

Flow a state of being somewhere undefinable, the zone.

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20210724 Sometimes it scares me to ask myself these questions. What do I really feel? No, no, I don’t mean what does my head think? I want to go to my heart's space. What does my heart truly feel? Do

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20210723 He listened to me. He didn’t judge me. He didn’t resist. He didn’t listen to react. He didn’t desire. His heart was still and his mind was open. - ÖÖ