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Are you led by your feelings or do you create feelings based on your actions?

We want to write that book and get fit. We want to nail it at the gym or start a running practice or write a book. We tell our close friends about it. The idea itself is extremely exciting to us. We promise to ourselves that we will start running and writing on Monday. We wake up early on a very early morning because we have promised ourselves. It’s cold and dark outside, we maybe had nightmares, and we don’t want to put on our running shoes and meet the cold outside. Above that, we don’t have any inspiration to write, because we are ambivalent if we even will go running. We make us lead by the narrative in our head and all that we are noticing are obstacles. While the initial feeling of excitement leads us to a big want of starting to run and write, the feeling this morning makes us miserable, ambivalent, and discouraged.

We go back! We go back to our phones and check our social media, maybe even get upset because we see that person who just did a morning run or another person which shares his morning practice. We feel more miserable.

So our whole morning we chose to feel ambivalent, miserable, and discouraged,

What if we went for that run, even if it was a fifteen-minute run. What would happen if we would write that short paragraph for the book we wanted to write for such a long time?

We might feel cold and tired, but most probably after a few minutes, we would feel great.

We might be proud of ourselves, that we run regardless of our resistances.

We might feel, if we can do this early morning at 6.00 we can do anything.

We might write a short paragraph and train to organize our thoughts and create free attention for ourselves.

We might be inspired and even amazed about our writing.

While we didn’t want to go for that run and write that paragraph, we did it anyway. And our actions created uplifting feelings.

And as always we decide!

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