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Being comfortably uncomfortable


Isn’t it time to reach out and isn’t it time to genuinely ask ‘how are you really?’.

Instead of turning our heads to our phones and being engaged with our addictions to our phones where all filters are present, where athletes seem to be top athletes, influencers look at their best, and everyone seemed to have a dream life.

In a world with instant gratification, how do we deal with our shattered self-images, low self-confidence, and inability to ask for help? It’s easy to turn into social media and our device and keep checking. It’s comforting to text someone from our couch, instead of talking to someone face to face. This way we don’t need to show any side of ourselves that we are not comfortable with. Courage, what’s that? You don’t need any courage to have a date and ask her or him out. Just swipe right! And if it won’t be a match, swipe to the next person. There you go, you have a date! If you don’t get what you want, go to the next.

How about being truly who you are and being totally vulnerable? How about saying ‘I need help’?

Perhaps we are all responsible for this cycle.

It might be time to use our phones for the first time in a very long time to call that person and say ‘I’d love to see you, come over or let’s go for a walk’. It might be time we should start really listening, embracing awkward silences, making each other feel seen and understood.

And if you truly decide to get out of the cycle, please leave your phone home..

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