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Being in and out of the circle.


When we are in a circle we know what to do, we know how to act, because we have done it multiple times. We have set up this circle and we have trained ourselves on how the circle goes around by applying strategies, trying, failing, doing it one more time until it clicks. After a certain time we have set up the system and the circle goes around as we do as well. Our daily actions turn into habits that keep the circle going around. We often don’t even need to think about it, because we are on automatic pilot.

Sometimes the circle goes around but we know it can be better. Sometimes we feel stuck in this circle. We want to get out, but it feels so comfortable that we don’t. And what would happen if we leave the circle for a bit? Will it still function? And maybe a better question is, will we still function?

When we leave the circle we give ourselves permission to look at the circle from an angle that we haven't looked at before. Things become Crystal clear because we are not in the circle we are out of the circle. We can observe how the circle used to go around, what went well, and what maybe didn’t go well. Because we are not involved we think about solutions how to make the circle even a better one, a one that is better and contributes better to ourselves and the world.

Then we go back, back in the circle. Apply our new strategies, try them out, create new habits and create better circles.

And then after a while, we repeat the process again and create a circle better than the previous!

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