• Özlem Özkan

Beyond one’s grasp


I explained everything.

I checked one more time if everyone understood what they had to do.

I wished them good luck.

And off they went.

They started their exam.

I looked for a moment on my computer.

Then I saw her hands just in front of her chest, palms facing the ceiling.

Her head was slightly bowed towards her hands.

Her lips were moving and she was whispering some words that I didn’t understand.

She noticed my eyes gazing at her.

For a split second, we looked in each other's eyes.

She brought her attention back.

She closed her eyes and continued.

Eventually, she put her hands over her face and started the exam.

This prayer was something between her and something ungraspable.

Something no one could go in between.

And who was I to go in between?

Maybe no one believed in it either.

Yet, she did!

She went on, did her exam, and left the room!

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