• Özlem Özkan

Here is what a tree can teach us!

Updated: Jan 4


If you want to learn to use the right leverage at the right time watch trees.

Sometimes we are too busy doing.

Trying to achieve that goal.

Forcing things to happen.

Getting upset if we don't reach that deadline.

Watch the trees, they let go of their leaves exactly at the right time. Their leaves come back exactly at the right time.

There is nothing wrong about setting goals and intentions. Yet, do it deliberately and use your intuition as your guide.

Practice when to push and when to pull.

If you get out of balance, simply watch a tree and get back at it. Through consistent practice you start developing the wisdom to use the right leverage at the right time.

And by the way, the same applies to your goals and intentions.

Consistency is the magic stick!

Happy goal and intention setting!

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