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There is nothing to write.

I am not inspired.

I am not creative today.

I don’t know what to write.

I need art to get inspired.

I need to travel.

I need to relax first.

The pandemic needs to end, then I will be inspired.

All these feelings are allowed, yet we can decide what we do with them.

Ask yourself for a moment are these reasons to not write or to not do any creative work?

If we are inspired by something outside of ourselves, it is still something that is also coming from us.

We are inspired because something triggers our inspiration inside of us.

It’s all in us, in our backpack, in our mind, in our heart, or whatever you want to call it.

We can find inspiration in our childhood, that broken relationship, or the experience we had with friends. Inspiration might be in the old lady we met on the street. In the tea, we drank during our boat commute on the Bosphorus going from Europe to Asia. In the sky we watched when flying from the Pacific back to Europe. In the hostel, we couldn’t sleep because of the party crew or our childhood memory of being very happy when having an open buffet breakfast in a luxury beach hotel. How about the nature we connected to when we walked in the forest or the nights we stayed awake and the moments we danced the night away?

How about our first kiss? Our first heartbreak? The colleagues that we first didn’t like but turned into best friends and we laughed with? In the airport where we felt lonely, while the whole world thought we were the coolest kids? In the trees, we gazed at, when we didn’t know what to do? In the stranger that held our hands when we cried?

Your turn.

Ps: If you still can’t find any inspiration, watch an infant for a few minutes..

- ÖÖ

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