• Özlem Özkan

January 26, the day I was born.


It’s my birthday today. I was born on a Saturday. My dad came after I left my mum’s belly. In the room with many newborns, he first pointed to another baby, assuming it was me. Then he recognized his eyes in mine and knew it was me. I look like him; the shapes of my eyebrows, my lips, the bend in my back, the way I laugh. My hands, feet, my inwards turning knees, and hair look like my mum.

It isn’t only that.

Thank you annem and babam for my drive, for my willpower, for my love, for my compassion, for my determination, for my kindness, for my spirit, for the artist in me, for the entrepreneur in me, for the athlete in me, for my stubbornness, for my writings, for my listening ears, for the cleaner in me, for the coach and teacher in me, for being a daughter, for being a sister, for being a friend, and most importantly for being me.

It’s is not only my birthday today. Today, January 26, it’s a tribute to you!

Canim annem ve babam!

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