• Özlem Özkan

Just be

Updated: Jan 7


They get upset.

They get sad.

They cry.

They fall.

We accept them as they are. Because we know that they are young, just on mother earth and they are here to learn. And the more we accept them as they are, we create a space for them to grow. They feel free to be themselves and express their creativity. They come as they are and contribute as they are. These are children!

When did we decide that we should stop acting in a certain way in order to fit in? That peer pressure at highschool or the way we think our society is built has created certain ways which are slowly distancing us from ourselves. We forget that we were ever children and got accepted as we were.

Forget for a moment how you think you should be in order to fit in.

Only for a moment, just be!

You might be fascinated!

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