• Özlem Özkan

Let’s talk about “pain-body”.


Sometimes we feel hurt, the pain is felt throughout our whole body. I don’t even mean the physical pain, but the psychological or mental pain. Eckhart Tolle says that emotional pain is carried around inside a person in something he calls “pain-body”, which loves using these emotions to control our thinking. People who practice meditation or any other practice which involves turning inwards might know that we can go beyond our pain-body by recognizing that it is our pain-body or by simply watching it. Yet, sometimes we are entangled in it and we don’t want to get out. It might even serve us because we are so used to self-sabotage ourselves. Some might even think “even if it is the pain-body, it is my pain-body”.

Does it really help us or bring us to what we actually want to experience? Or do we love self-sabotaging ourselves, hanging in there? Is the pain-body so expanded that we find it difficult to move through it?

PAUSE! Give yourself a break!

How about recognizing something else that is also in you? Being pure, being kind, and being loving?

Focus all your attention on that.

Feel that you are pure.

Feel your kind loving heart.

Stay there!

Explore your kind loving presence.

While exploring, did you think about your pain-body? Most probably not, if you have directed your whole attention to your kind loving presence.

Stay longer, linger in that feeling as much, and as long as you want.

Afterward, go back to recognize that the pain isn’t you, it is your pain-body!

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