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Powerful words to live by.


Stop leading yourself by fear, stop distrusting others and throw out your biases and judgements about others and yourself. Find in every resistance a chance to get to know yourself. Lead with kindness and authenticity. Rip your past & future thoughts into a thousand pieces and don’t leave any room for pride & ego. Believe in that higher power, whatever that is for you and trust that all imperfections of the universe will lead you exactly at the right time to the right transformation. And most importantly, wherever you can be in peace, be it!

(From The Student: Reflections of the Heart and Mind)

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We haven't grown old, and it is not too late to love ourselves unconditionally and give ourselves permission to go wherever our curiosity takes us. -ÖÖ

I create my freedom by feeling internal freedom. -ÖÖ

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