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She works with persistence because she loves it.

Hello lovely people. It's Özlem! You haven't heard from me for a while, because I was figuring out where to focus my attention and energy. I have felt overwhelmed the past year—teaching courses, writing, teaching children, and creating podcasts. I have paused creating podcasts for a few months because I thought that I couldn't give the love and appreciation that it deserves and at the same time honor my guests and audience the way I want. While pausing the Bridging Podcast gave me some space to relax, look after myself, make contact with layers inside of my being, and attend 4x a retreat organized by Dr. Joe Dispenza in various countries, I knew that one of the things I LOVE to do is creating Podcasts. I experience flow states through studying, preparing, practicing, and conversing about self-awareness and mindset topics with the world's leading minds, fascinating people, and game changers in the world. This is a true blessing for me. I am driven by learning, practicing, and helping people to TRUST themselves and realize how UNLIMITED they are. So I am back. I went back to my astonishing faith that I should do what I love, creating Podcasts. I create it for all of us. It doesn't cost you money. If you want to go on this journey with me it takes you only to listen or watch it. We have put them all on our new branded Youtube Channel and you can listen to them on any Podcast Channel. By watching or listening to the episodes you will learn, have a chance to practice and then you will be able to transform in different areas of life. Each week, videos are posted on the topics of reaching your full potential, mindset, wisdom, self-love, and healing. Subscribe and be part of leveling up yourself and others. And yes sometimes, I talk to myself and say: That girl believes in a way forward. She keeps bringing joy back into her work. She works with persistence because she loves it.

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