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I recently re-watched Brené Brown’s The Call To Courage. Each time I watch I learn new things, this time two sentences stayed with me. Brené says “Vulnerability is showing up and being seen while you can't control the outcome. Vulnerability is saying I love you first.”

I contemplated why we are actually fearful of being vulnerable. What is it exactly that prevents us from being vulnerable?

We are afraid to be rejected.

We are afraid to be laughed at.

We are afraid to feel small.

We are afraid to…. (fill in the blank).

I am almost sure that all people, regardless of their culture, race, religion, or nation have felt all those emotions. What if we decide that being vulnerable is part of being human and actually makes us all the same? What if we knew the person we felt rejected by has been rejected many times?

It is easier to hide our vulnerable side, prevent some difficult conversation, get more distant from ourselves, and even live in illusion.

It takes courage to put yourself out there, stepping in the arena while knowing that you might fail. It takes to be a human to be vulnerable and express what you truly feel.

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