• Özlem Özkan

What do you truly want?


Did you ever ask yourself ‘What do I truly want’? Do you really want that job, that promotion, that car, that skinny body, that house, or that partner?

Maybe a better question to ask yourself is: ‘What kind of person do I want to be’?

Why not set goals for the person you want to see in the mirror after a few years. I mean really, the person you truly want to see. I am not talking about the person you want to create that wants to please others by having that status job, that specific look, or anything else that is all but distanced from herself.

I am talking about the warm-hearted you, the genuine you, the loving you, the compassionate you, the you that embraces her imperfections, the giving you, the caring you, the understanding you, the tolerant you, and the forgiving you.

What does she say?

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