• Özlem Özkan

When is it time?


Do you have a desire to level up?

Do you have some emotions that you have been holding on to?

When is it time to level up your self-leadership, to change, and aim for the stars?

Isn’t it time to unlock your full potential and stand in your power?

The change is in your hands.

Check out https://www.ozkanozlem.com/coaching to make it happen!

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20210724 Sometimes it scares me to ask myself these questions. What do I really feel? No, no, I don’t mean what does my head think? I want to go to my heart's space. What does my heart truly feel? Do

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20210723 He listened to me. He didn’t judge me. He didn’t resist. He didn’t listen to react. He didn’t desire. His heart was still and his mind was open. - ÖÖ