• Özlem Özkan

You decide!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021


How did you wake up?

To the sounds of the birds, the voice of your neighbours or no sound at all?

Or did you reach your hand to that snooze button? The first, second or third time..

Remember an early morning on your vacation.

There was a morning routine created without creating one.

You took a deep breath and were grateful for the day. You gave your loved one a kiss. Maybe you read a couple of pages of a novel. You were staring from the window and didn’t think of anything. You put those running shoes on and went for a run or a hike. On top of that you didn’t have the time to rush. You were experiencing flow.

After all, you were the person who reached out to that snooze button and maybe put yourself in a state of “I don’t want to wake up and go through the day”; however, you are also that person who was experiencing flow.

Now you get few options.

  1. My circumstances decide how I feel.

  2. Regardless of my circumstances I decide how I feel.

  3. ………………………………………………………..

You decide!

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